Reminder: Final Print Order has been sent to printing company Oct 11, 2019. Due to popular demand and lots of international order requests, I have printed a few extra. Order yours now while supply lasts.
2020 WILDLIFE CALENDAR (12x12'')?
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I have selected some of my best photos taken in the United States over the past 10 years for this calendar!
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Tin Man Lee at 9 years old. Photo taken by my Dad some time before my fall.
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From Tin Man Lee
Los Angeles, California
When I was nine years old, I lost my footing while running downstairs at school and fell down 20 stairs onto a concrete floor, landing head-first. The impact on my forehead was so powerful that my chin hit my neck, bruising my jaw. My jaw and neck both turned blue, and I had internal bleeding in my head. My right arm absorbed some of the force during the impact, but it was broken instantly. I even blacked out for a few seconds. 

I was in the hospital for a week, feeling lonely and scared, especially at night. What I didn't realize was that I was one of the lucky patients. I saw many kids my age in the same room who had it much worse. Some had to undergo multiple surgeries each day. The sound of them crying due to their pain echoed in the room. 

During my stay, a young man from the Red Cross would come once every few days and read books to each of us. This simple, kind gesture brought me hope while I was bedridden. 

Since then, I have dreamed of creating something that can bring hope to people in pain--and that is why I created this calendar, called "Light, love and hope." 

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Tin Man 2020 Calendar
About the photos in this calendar:
I've selected 12 of my favorite photos that bring me lots of joy. Most of them have won awards, including Nature's Best Photography. They have also been published in magazines and exhibited in galleries, and are usually sold for over $500 each as fine art prints. Now you can own them for just $40 ($45), which is about $3 per photo. These images were captured in Alaska, California, Wyoming, and Colorado. 

12 x 12'' closed, meaning each photo is 12 by 12 inch. 

Total number of calendars available:
Final Print Order has been sent to printing company Oct 11, 2019. Due to popular demand and lots of international order requests, I have printed a few extra. Order yours now while supply lasts.

Estimated early November, 2019

Limited time offer: $40 ($45) each including free shipping within the US 
(For international orders, please email me at for shipping cost) 

If you purchase 2 calendars, it will be $70 total including shipping. ($10 off $80)
If you purchase 5 calendars, it will be $150 total including shipping. ($50 off $200)
If you purchase 10 calendars,  it will be $275 total including shipping. ($125 off $400!)
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See What Others Have Said About Tin Man's Wildlife Photos!
As one who has viewed millions of photographs over my publishing career I was immediately drawn to Lee’s work. Now published around the world in books, magazines, and exhibitions, his images reflect a very deep respect for nature and the wildlife it nurtures. Lee’s photographs tell stories, rekindling our love for the natural world and reminding us to protect it.
Co-Founder & CEO, Nature's Best Photography
Mr. Stephen Freligh
10 Wildlife Photographers You Should Follow on 500px Right Now
Photographer Tin Man Lee strives to capture love in the wild. One thing’s for sure, his photographs of bear families, endangered foxes, owls and more will have you planning your next trip to the nearby National Park.
Editor of
Spotlight Photographer
Tin Man Lee is a true Renaissance man. He is an accomplished and award winning nature and wildlife photographer. He is expertly balanced between his creative and analytical sides and finds that the best way to express himself fully is through photography. Where it is certainly evident that Lee has excellent technical abilities, it’s clear his imagery is based in something more.
Editor of Google Nik Softwares (Now owned by DXO)
Ms. Amanda Quintenz-Fiedler
10 Famous Wildlife Photographers to Inspire You
For me, Tin Man Lee is a “go-to” photographer when I need a dose of wildlife cuteness. He has a seemingly endless supply of gorgeous images; the kind that really make you go “aww.” It’s no surprise, then, that his images are becoming increasingly popular.
Founder, NatureTTL
Mr. Will Nicholls
who Took those photos?
Meet Tin Man Lee
Wildlife Photographer
  • Grand Prize, Nature's Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International, 2013 (Among 25,000 entries from 50 countries)
  • Winner, Wildlife Category, Nature's Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International, 2018
  • NANPA Top 10 and NANPA "Expression" magazine cover, 2013
  • Invited Judge, NBP Asia and Viewbug. 
  • Featured in Smithsonian Earth, Nik Softwares, Peta Pixel, Outdoor Photographer magazine, Ranger's Rick Jr. Cover of Alaska magazine, Wild Planet Photo magazine, Smithsonian Calendar. 
  • Photos have been displayed in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Invited solo exhibit of 48 photos, HKUST, Hong Kong. 
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Light. Love. Hope. 
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