Tin Man's PDF Guide
Super Ninja Technique
for High ISO Image Noise Removal
About the author
Tin Man Lee is a wildlife photographer, blogger and instructor who has a deep love of wild animals since a young age. He's the past recipient of the Grand Prize of Nature's Best Photography (NBP) Windland Smith Rice International, a contest with 25,000 entries from 50 countries, among other awards. His photos have been published in the cover of Alaska Magazine, Wild Planet Photo Magazine, and the annual NANPA Expressions. He was an invited judge of Nature's Best Photography Asia and Viewbug. He's been featured in the Smithsonian Earth, NBP, Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Nik Softwares, 500px, Peta Pixels, etc. In 2014 he was invited for a solo exhibit of 48 photos for 5 months at HKUST, Hong Kong. He also teaches two online photography courses: Dynamic Tension Stacking and Maximum Emotional Impact, and now have hundreds of award-winning photographers all over the world taking his classes. 
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